Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy Halloween!


It really feels like fall today and it is the perfect day to talk about Halloween decorations your kids can make!

Fun facts:
  • 95% of us will buy candy - and spend an average of $21 per person!!

  • Halloween is second only to Christmas when it comes to spending on decorations

  • 90% of parents admit that they take candy from their kids' treat bags (hahahaha)

This year's budget is definately smaller than last year's...and it looks like I need to save my money for the candy (at $21 per person)... so I took a look around the house and the decorations came fast and furious!


1. Cut two card board triangles for the ears.

2. Fill part of the bag with old packing material, newspapers or plastic grocery sacks or anything pretty light.

3. Twist the bag to form the head. Determine the ear placement by looking at the head. Untwist the head and put the cardboard in the right spot. Twist the cardboard into place. Twist the head back into place (since you had to untwist it to put the ears in). Seal with a twist tie or pipecleaner.

4. Fill more of the bag to make the body - leave part of the bag unfilled for the tail - then twist and seal with a twist tie or pipecleaner.

5. To make the tale, gather up the remaining trash bag and twist twist ties or pipecleaners around it to give it shape.

6. Make the cat face with stickers (we cut up alphabet stickers and made a great face!) and attached whiskers made out of pipecleaners.

Lollypop Ghosts:

How easy! A tissue box, magic markers, twist ties and lollypops... that's all you need for these scary treats!

1. Drape a tissue over a round lollypop and use clear tape or a white twist tie to seal it.

2. Use a marker to make the eyes.

That's all for now! Happy Happy Halloween!

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