Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Voting, the Economy and your Kids

Voting may be the strongest economic tool that many of us have this fall and it is very important that we use it!   No matter who you are voting for, it is important to discuss your vote with your child and take them with you to vote.   Think they aren't interested?  Think again! 

 Kids 9 and under:  they know we are choosing a new leader and taking them with you to the polls helps them feel a part of it! 

Kids 9 - 14:  developmentally, these kids are looking for ways to disagree with you, so don't be surprised if they do! 

Kids 14 - 18:  discuss your choices frankly with your teenager.  If they wants to convince you to vote another way, ask them to do the research and give it their best shot! 

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