Friday, January 23, 2009

Yahoo! Safely: Web Safety Tips for Parents

How does Yahoo! help keep kids safe online? Find out on the recently launched Yahoo! Safely site! As the most trafficked internet destination in the world, Yahoo! is committed to ensuring that the 30 million children on the internet in the US are exploring it safely.

The new Yahoo! Safely site aggregates resources, knowledge and expertise from across the Web for children, parents, and educators to raise awareness about the importance of safety, ethics and piracy.

Check out some of the interactive features on Yahoo! Safely that help kids form safe and smart Internet habits early in life:
  • Games and Activities – Play cyber-safety games online
  • Clips and Videos – Watch educational videos that help kids become good cyber-citizens
  • Weekly Poll – Vote on opinions about safe practices
  • Avatar ID Card – Submit Avatars to be featured in the gallery
  • Online Safety Forum for Parents – Join in the discussion about online child safety
  • Tech Advisor Articles – Get expert advice from Yahoo! Tech bloggers

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