Monday, September 14, 2009

Hey Josh for Grown-Ups: Advice for Parents & Teachers

Josh Shipp, the popular youth speaker and dispenser of wisdom to teens, has launched a new project called Hey Josh for Grown-ups (uhm, yeah. That's YOU! The grown-up!)!

Josh has put together a really good, high quality program for parents, teachers, scout leaders, youth pastors---just about anyone who works with teens. Oh, and it's free.

Here's the scoop from Josh:

Maybe you’re a parent of a teen, maybe you're a teacher, a coach, a boy scout leader, or guidance counselor. Maybe you volunteer at a summer camp, or maybe you're the grandparent of a teenager. Regardless of your specific role, I believe you want to see the best in that teenager.

You want to help them reach their full potential. That’s what I want, too.

So, welcome to Hey Josh for Grown-ups. I’m laying out all my strategies, secrets, and techniques--all of the stuff I use to effectively reach and communicate with teenagers--for you to use with the teenagers in your life.

Now Josh likes to joke around and be that funny kid in the class (just ignore the hair. no really, ignore it and nobody gets hurt), but make no mistake--he knows a lot about teens and what their going through.

Josh has talked to literally thousands of kids and wants to share what he learned with you--the grown-up.

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